RSS: Are You Using Its Power?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is one of the MOST powerful ways to get content from point “a” to point “b”. You can PUSH content to a variety of sources, reducing bandwidth bottlenecks, bypassing spam filters and overall keeping customers, partners and employees better informed.
Here’s another way that BIG businesses can show smaller business how to harness technology. (I know…often we show them 🙂 )
Information Week writes The Disney division has begun using software from NewsGator Technologies Inc. to let employees run RSS feeds alongside their Microsoft Outlook E-mail clients. Instead of offering a link to a document, for example, an E-mail message can contain the live information via RSS, along with a link to the Web application that stores the original report. “We can make the applications present an always-up-to-date version of the information,” Pusateri says.
There’s more you can do with RSS. Insurance and financial-services company ING Group N.V. recently implemented KnowNow Inc.’s Enterprise Syndication Server to deliver work-related information via RSS to employees. Instead of searching for information on company portals and other Web sites, employees now have the information sent to them, improving both productivity and internal communications.