Scammers Haven: Nigeria & Your Email

Many of the scams you and I receive have their origins from Nigeria. The scam often reads that a Nigerian needs to get access to millions and needs your help or some other iteration.
It’s important that you educate your employees about online scams. Many scams you don’t know who is behind them. But CNN gives us an inside look at Nigerian scamming and writes In Festac Town, an entire community of scammers overnights on the Internet. By day they flaunt their smart clothes and cars and hang around the Internet cafes, trading stories about successful cons and near misses, and hatching new plots.
Why Nigeria? There are many theories. The nation of 130 million, Africa’s most populous, is well-educated, and English, the lingua franca of the scam industry, is the official language. Nigeria bursts with talent, from former NBA star Hakeem Olajuwon to Nobel literature laureate Wole Soyinka.
But with World Bank studies showing a quarter of urban college graduates are unemployed, crime offers tempting career opportunities — in drug dealing, immigrant-trafficking, oil-smuggling and Internet fraud.
The scammers thrived during oil-rich Nigeria’s 15 years of brutal and corrupt military rule, and democracy was restored only six years ago.
“We reached a point when law enforcement and regulatory agencies seemed nonexistent. But the stance of the present administration has started changing that,” said Ribadu, the scam-busting chief.