Search: Solutions For Finding Information

As your business obtains and creates more and more information the solutions you use to FIND the information is VERY critical. Google’s desktop search and search appliance readily come to mind, but there are other, possibly better solutions as well.
When looking for a data solution understand that keywords are important but at times you need more than keywords especially the more unstructured your data becomes.
Cnet writes about IBM The company was set to release on Monday a new version of its WebSphere Information Integration OmniFind Edition corporate information management tool. It integrates technology called Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA) that IBM designed to improve the processing of text within documents and other unstructured content sources to help find relationships and meaning beyond just keywords.
IBM, a longtime supporter of the open-source movement in which developers freely write and modify software and share code, also is presenting UIMA to the Open Source Technology Group, a network of online technology resources. The updated software tool is available from IBM now and is expected to be available through the SourceForge developers Web site by the end of the year.