Security Takes Two: One To Do. One To Check.

If you are VERY serious about securing your computer systems it’s important that you leverage a two person system says security expert Mark Seiden, “If you’re serious about creating a secure system, you need two people to do it,” he said. “You need someone who sets it up and one who checks it. Different people see different things; people have different strengths. And people make mistakes.”

The New York times writes how companies spend so much to secure their technology but to be really secure they should also take the time to ensure their security systems are indeed secure. This extra steps takes an expert who can check on what the first “security expert” did.
Not everyone needs to spend a lot of money on security, but if you DO have things that you MUST have secure then I would almost say you MUST hire someone to do a security check and see what is really secure. It’s better to pay someone to “test” your systems than to have a thief do it and then you’ll pay dearly.