SMB Tech Road Block: Why Is Logan Airport (Boston) Blocking Free Wi-Fi

If you fly a lot for your business you enjoy the perks of frequent flyer travel. In the case of Continental Airlines, they offer free WiFi to their frequent flyers, however, Boston’s Logan airport does not like the competition against their $8 service.
Wireless connection is important for businesses and how much more a perk is FREE WiFi when you have some time to use at an airport.
USA Today writes The Massachusetts Port Authority, which operates Logan, claims Continental’s Wireless Fidelity, or “Wi-Fi,” service has interfered with other wireless devices, but did not give specifics.
Continental rejects the claim and argues Massport cannot legally restrict its use of the technology. The Houston-based airline filed a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission.
“We believe that offering the free Wi-Fi service at Logan is consistent with FCC regulations and its prior rulings, and is permitted by the terms of our lease with Massport,” Continental spokeswoman Julie King said Thursday.