SMB Tip: Making The Internet An Operating System

When I first started using the computer the PC, the actual desktop was so important. Email, files, and more were all housed on the desktop. However, over the past few years there has been a shift to Internet centric computing. This shift is something you should be aware of, follow and consider leveraging for your business.
Let me explain.
We can download and store music online (Itunes); have email stored online (Gmail); talk via the Internet (Skype); have our Intranets only online (, etc).
I could go on. But the power of this is that from ANY web browser you can access so many of your critical tools and services for business.
See what Google is doing (read below) and discuss with your tech consultants how you can better leverage the Internet to increase profits, sales and efficiency in your own business.

The BBC writes Unveiled on 24 August, the Google Talk system unites net telephony with an instant messaging network and builds on the Gmail e-mail service that was released in March 2004.
It is clear that Google is trying to build a cluster of programs that effectively turns the net into an operating system – just like Windows does for personal computers.
Google wants to turn its collection of services and add-on programs such as the Desktop Search sidebar into a helper that users can turn to no matter what they want to do.