Smooth Operator: Lenovo’s ThinkVision L171p LCD Monitor

When I first heard about Lenovo’s new monitor I yawned and figured why do I need to tell my audience about just another monitor. However, this past Monday I saw, touched and moved the monitor myself and am IMPRESSED.
There’s a few things to note.
1) the monitor easily swivels from portrait (vertical) to landscape (horizontal) mode so that you can type a letter or more easily navigate a spreadsheet
2) the movement is so smooth
3) the monitor moves up and down effortlessly
I know because I played with the monitor myself.
IBM writes that ThinkVision L171p offers users a choice of working in the familiar landscape mode for spreadsheets or presentations, for example, or in portrait mode for web-browsing or word processing. The ThinkVision L171p enables people to view an entire 8 1/2 by 11 inch page on-screen at once, for an advantage in productivity.
“The majority of reading materials, such as newspapers, books or newsletters, have a vertical orientation. Monitors supporting pivot, or portrait mode capabilities, can increase productivity since users don’t have to keep scrolling up and down,” said Bob Galush, vice president of product marketing, Lenovo. “Businesses are no longer limited to one viewing option. The L171p offers the choice between a landscape or portrait view.”
In addition to general business applications, including word processing, e-mail and spreadsheets, the L171p is well-suited for insurance offices, law offices and applications such as document management, desktop publishing and graphic design. Supporting multiple monitor configurations, the monitor’s ultra-narrow 14 millimeter monitor bezel saves space while providing a nearly seamless view from one monitor to the next.