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I’m trying out Gateway’s beautiful widescreen notebook (M250) and am in the midst of transferring and downloading software. One tool I need is a PDF creation tool.
Of course I can buy one from Adobe, use one included in Word Perfect Office (but I don’t have it installed on this notebook) or just download one of the many free PDF creation tools. The later option is the one I did.
I found a free PDF creator at But there’s more., maker of PDF995, has a range of free software businesses can make use of. To get more power, pay for the upgrades. reminds me of the suite of SMB tools offered by Avenquest.
Their software includes:
The pdf995 Suite of products is a complete solution for your PDF creation and document publishing needs, offering ease of use, flexibility in format, and industry-standard security.
OmniFormat is a free document conversion utility which allows dynamic conversion and image manipulation of over 75 file formats including HTML, DOC, XLS, WPD, PDF, XML, JPG, GIF, TIF, PNG, PCX, PPT, PS, TXT, Photo CD, FAX, MPEG and more.
PhotoEdit995 allows you to create or edit graphic images, retouch photographs, and perform other alterations on image files including jpeg, gif, tiff, and Photoshop psd.
SearchWithin is a free full text index search engine that allows you to search inside the files on your drive or network. It looks beyond the titles and inside PDF, HTML, Text, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Word Perfect and Microsoft PowerPoint documents. SearchWithin works just like major search engines, using advanced querying and full-text search technologies to help you find the information you need fast.
UltraPdf is an exciting, new way to publish and share digital photographs, PDF, HTML and Microsoft Office documents.
Backup995 is a utility that protects against data loss from computer hardware failures and damage from malicious internet viruses.
Zip995 is the fast, free way to open and create popular Zip Archive format files. It is fully compatible with other Zip Archive utilities.
Ftp995 is a powerful FTP-client for Windows 9x, ME, NT4, 2000 and XP.
ePad995 Paperless Notes
ePad995 allows you to create virtual sticky notes and reminders directly on your Windows desktop. ePad notes are software notes for your computer screen.
WordBrowser995 Desktop Dictionary
WordBrowser995 is an English language dictionary and thesaurus for your PC desktop. It offers easy access to definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and compound phrases. WordBrowser995 quickly looks up text typed into the Word box in real time.
OpenOffice995 Business Applications Suite
The Business Applications Suite consists of professional quality applications for creating, viewing and editing Microsoft Word documents (.doc), Powerpoint presentations (.ppt), FrontPage webpages (.html) and Excel spreadsheets (.xls).