WCBS 880 Radio: Small Businesses Are Making $ With Google

It exciting to see that small businesses, not just big businesses, are leveraging the Internet to make MONEY and lots of it for their small businesses. Google’s Adwords lets those with small online marketing budgets test the waters of online advertising.
The neat thing is that Google’s Adwords is also a default focus group. You can spend $50 to place an online adv and if you get many clicks and then resulting sales you know you have a winner. If results aren’t what you like, tweak your advertisement (test) and tweak your copy (test) and see if sales improve!

Joe Connolly, of the Wall Street Journal and WCBS News Radio 880’s Small business reporter writes The two main things I heard from business owners this week have been that business is very good — and that more business is being done online.
One Westchester professional services firm owner says she is getting five well-qualified clicks per day since she signed up with Google Adwords. And some of these people who clicked have become new clients — even on retainer.
¬?When people in a specific mile radius that I select plug in the words ¬?Public Relations¬? into Google, my ad shows up (with others usually) on the right hand side of the screen,¬? she notes.