West Virginia SMB Orgs Get Together Online

It is refreshing to know that there are so many resources for small businesses to get technology information. West Virginia businesses can now turn to WV Connectivity Initiative’s web site for information specific to their region.
Herald-Dispatch.com writes West Virginia businesses have a higher level of technological awareness than many may think, Malone said. Many are using high-speed broadband Internet access and other technology to enhance their business, he said. There are still, however, 30 percent of the state¬?s businesses without a Web site, he said.
“?If you want a Web site, there are easy ways to get a Web site up and running,”? Malone said. ¬”If you want to do e-commerce, you can go through this Web site.”?
The West Virginia Small Business Technology Education and Competitiveness Initiative is a collaborative effort with other business development organizations that is seeking greater broadband capability and Web-based technologies for the state¬?s small businesses. The Web site is part of that initiative, he said….

Local technology resources can be some of the best solutions for tech information geared to small businesses.