When Will YOU Go Wireless? My 2 Low Cost Solutions.

If you have not tried the wonders of wireless communication, you are not by yourself.
But soon you should give it a try. Wireless email/web is not for everyone but for many it is. If you are often out of the office, having access to email on demand is almost a must.
Although the lowly PDA is losing market share, the market for smartphones like Blackberry’s and Treo’s are exploding.
For now my Dell Axim (witth WiFi and Bluetooth) works just fine as I am often office bound and always have access to a PC. But if I start to be OUT of the office a lot, then having access to email throughout the day, with no PC would be a MUST.
Yesterday I started using my Verizon / LG cell phone to give my notebook cellular data connectivity when WiFi is not available. It works GREAT!