White People, Africa and Technology

In Africa, although most of the region is impoverished and economically depressed cell phone technology is booming. It’s interesting how in America, Europe and many parts of Asia, technology might not be thought of so much as a cell phone as cell phones are so common place. However, in Africa, the cell phone (and many parts of India as well) is a powerful entrepreneurial tool.
The NY Times writes William Pedro, 51, who deals in farm and garden plants, said he tried for eight years to lure customers to his nursery in a ragtag township near George, a resort town on South Africa’s southern coast. Only when he got a cellphone two years ago, he said, did his business take off.
“White people are afraid to come here to my place in the township to buy plants,” Mr. Pedro, who is of mixed race, said as he stood outside his makeshift greenhouses. “So now they can phone me for orders and I can deliver them the same day.”
Hamadoun TourÈ, development director for the International Telecommunication Union, said the economic blessings of cellphones were magnified in the developing world.
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