WiMax: Coming To A Home/Business Near Your

WMax is a wireless broadband technology which works over long distances. Whereas WiFi is only good for a few hundred feet, WiMax can stretch for 30 miles. Get the full definition here.
Voip provider Vonage is teaming up with TowerStream of Middletown, Rhode Island to offer a bundled WiMax/Voip service.
What does this mean? Well Vonage and its partner(s) can bypass the local telephone company and offer you telephone service.
Red Herring writes WiMAX seems like a natural fit for Vonage, which currently depends on the existence of broadband services from competitors for its opportunities. The arrangement has worked so far, but a business proposition that depends on competitors¬? equipment as its centerpiece can be precarious.
“?It’?s like riding on someone else¬¨’s rails, and that has to prevent them from fully exploring all of their business possibilities,”? said Eamon Hoey, an analyst with Hoey Associates.