Yahoo Search Improves Thanks to Gmail

While I can’t recommend Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail or other online email services for core business use, these services do come in handy when you are not at “your computer”.
Google’s Gmail launched the best of the online email services, I use it. This prompted Yahoo and Hotmail to boost their storage and start to make improvements.
PC World writes about some of Yahoo’s improvements Yahoo has developed an improved search technology for users of its Web mail service, including the capability of searching the full text of message attachments, the Sunnyvale, California, company plans to announce Tuesday.
The new search system will enhance the existing capabilities, which are very basic and only allow users to search for content in a message’s subject and sender lines and its body, a Yahoo executive says.

Starting Tuesday, the improved search function will be rolled out in phases over the coming months to users worldwide, says Drew Garcia, a senior product manager on the Yahoo Mail team.
Yahoo Mail’s new search function can index the full text of about 20 common types of attachments, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files, as well as Adobe Systems PDF files, he says.
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