Yahoo’s New Check Out: Raising Profits

Smart online retailers know that proper implementation and design of their check out systems can make, break or increase a sale. How you design the last few minutes/seconds of your customer experience can determine if a customer buys more, buys less or does not buy at all. MarketingSherpa, Clickz and other web sites about the online world of sales can tell you all about this.
Computer World writes The beta version of the service’s new Checkout Manager gives merchants more flexibility to control the content, flow, visual design and layout of the checkout pages, said Jimmy Duvall, director of e-commerce products at Yahoo Small Business.
The improvements are based on Yahoo research and on feedback from merchants who said they wanted more granular control over the look and feel of their Web storefronts’ checkout section, Duvall said in an interview Wednesday.
Giving merchants the ability to customize the checkout pages and process much more than is possible now will improve the overall buying experience for shoppers and increase sales, Duvall said.
Specifically, Yahoo is making it possible for merchants to control the font, colors, button appearance and content in navigation areas throughout the site, including the checkout pages, Duvall said. Another new feature is the option of using a single checkout page, which some merchants prefer for its more streamlined look, whereas the current system only allows for multiple pages, he said.