Your In-Box: Will Your Email Be There | More Then Email

The International Herald Tribune reminds us that if you are storing email in one of the several online email systems on the market like Google’s Gmail, Yahoo or HotMail you have to remember to regularly log on to your account.
These systems will delete your email if you don’t like on every so often. In Yahoo’s case I think it’s once every few months.
IHT writes I’m much too lazy, as a rule, to back up my files, but I do send them to one of my several e-mail accounts. Over the past two years I was involved in labor contract negotiations here at the IHT. The working document alone was altered at least 25 times, and countless e-mail messages addressed those changes. To ease the load on the company server, I sent all the material off to my Yahoo account, the very first Net-based e-mail account I created, and thus at least seven years old.
Several months later, a query from a colleague sent me back to the paper trail. But when I opened my Yahoo mail, all that was there, all that remained of years of stored letters and documents, was a single message saying my account had been deactivated because of inactivity. Read the full IHT article here.
USA Today writes how you can get more of these online email programs than just email with tips such as: creating an address book, limiting who sends you email, sharing your calendar, getting a permanent email address. Read the full article here