ZoneAlarm Adds Spyware

Millions (I’d guess) of you have download ZoneAlarm’s free software firewall to protect your PC from intruders and recently ZoneAlarm upgraded its product to include Spyware protection. I am not sure if this is in the free version, however.
A firewall is an important tool for protecting your business. You should have a software or hardware firewall or EACH PC and a firewall at your Internet connection point to protect your network as well.

PC World writes Unlike other security packages, ZoneAlarm builds its spyware prevention around the firewall, attempting to stop malware before the apps can install themselves on your PC. This approach seems natural, since malware thrives only with an Internet connection. However, a permission-based firewall app such as ZoneAlarm relies for its effectiveness on the user’s ability to make the right decision–fine for security-savvy people, less so for the average home user.