Archive of September 2005

“Honey I Shrunk the PowerPoint”

Microsoft Power Point goes with business meetings like milk goes with cereal. However, unfortunately those PPT files you love to make can get mighty large if you have audio, graphics, documents and etc embedded in the file. How in the world can you easily share a PPT presentation with others if it’s 50MB in size? […]

Buying or Selling BuyerZone Makes Cents, an online marketplace for business purchasing, announced this week that it has registered more than one million businesses that have used its Request for Quotes service for major company purchases. Congratulations! BuyerZone helps a business owner find the services they need to grow their business. If you need a copy machine, why scour the […]

Invoicing Pain Relief with 2ndSite for Business

Invoicing, or the lack thereof is one of the main reasons why smaller businesses don’t get paid or paid in a timely fashion. Invoicing a business for services rendered or products sold is the standard way of making sure you get paid. If you don’t invoice you don’t get paid. However keeping track of the […]

Book Review: Ambient Findability

In “Ambient Findability” (O’Reilly, US $29.95), Peter Morville searches for the answers in the strange connections between social software, semantic webs, evolutionary psychology, and interaction design. And, he explains how the journey from push to pull is changing not only the rules of marketing and design, but also the nature of authority and the destination […]

Ten-Minute Guide To Deploying VoIP

Thinking of deploying VoIP? It’s tougher and more time-consuming than you think. But our ten-minute guide will give you the rundown on everything you need to know before you get started. You want to build a voice over IP (VoIP) network in a hurry. The bad new is that you can’t. “There’s really no quick […]

CA Joins Microsoft’s Backup Solution

If you are looking for a Microsoft centric backup solution to go with your Microsoft server, using Microsoft’s Data Protection Manager is a solution for you to consider, especially with more industy partners such as CA joining. Computer Associates International, Inc. (NYSE:CA) announced that BrightStor ARCserve Backup will provide support for Microsoft System Center Data […]

No Passwords: New Biometric Fingerprint Card from APC

Instead of typing passwords in to various applications a biometric solution can help reduce the need for remembering passwords but also provide a more secure environment. American Power Conversion (APC) announced an extension to its Biometric Password Manager line with a new PCMCIA personal fingerprint scanner that manages laptop users’ login and password information. Based […]

Online Trade Shows: Don’t Fly, Click

ZD Net has launched a series of online trade shows which you might be interested in attending. Unlike traditional trade shows, you don’t have to go anywhere but to your computer screen to participate in these trade shows. More than 4,000 businesses attended ZD Net’s last trade show about Security Solutions. I recently listened to […]