1&1 Web Host: Lower Prices, Targets GoDaddy & Yahoo

Web Host 1&1, known for its multi-page advertisements, touting its very low costing web hosting services has gone one better and is boosting services and lowering prices for its domain name service.
Users can now register a domain with 1&1 for $5.99 per year and receive for free a number of features that routinely cost extra, such as private domain registration, a 1GB email account and a free starter page, among others. The value-added domain packages will be 1&1¬?s standard offering¬?not a limited time promotion¬?as the company aims to expand upon the 5 million-plus domains it has already registered.
In addition 1&1 will more aggressively target web host competitors GoDaddy and Yahoo in advertising.
I have my domains registered at GoDaddy.com and have been pleased. I’m sure there’s also many happy customers at Yahoo and 1&1 as well.