ACT! 2006 – Contact Management For High-Impact Relationships

ACT!, produced by Sage, releases ACT! 2006 today, offering a stream of new features. Launched in 1987 and now used by 2.5 million users, ACT! is the leading contact management solutions for businesses.
With so many “contact management” options, such as PDAs, email, paper, spreadsheets and more, I asked Larry Ritter, Vice President of Product Management, who is ACT! for. He explained that ACT! is ideal for those who must manage high-impact relationships. If you just need to organize a bunch of phone numbers and dates (like me), you can probably make do with a simple PDA combined with Outlook. But if you need to MANAGE relationships, ACT! is something you just might want to try out to enhance and empower your relationships.
New features in ACT! let you view contacts by company or group, making you more easily see your contacts in the context of other contacts.
For those of you who print out your calendar for placement in a day planner or just to carry with you, you’ll be pleased to know that ACT! automatically prints telephone numbers with each contact you have in your address book. This is one feature I wish Outlook had. It would save me time from putting the telephone numbers in the calendar manually.
There’s more enhancements which you can check out here.
Like other smart software vendors, ACT! has a huge array of IMPRESSIVE third-party add ons from developers that are MUST haves. As I was going through ACT! add-ons it was exciting because some of the add-ons were so valuable that it’s as if you should buy ACT! in order to use the add-on instead of buying the add-on because you have ACT! There’s dozens of applications to extend the functionality of ACT! and make it a true extension of your business.
ACT! is in a bit of a internal political bind because being owned by Sage, it has a sister product, Peachtree Accounting that it understandably integrates with and wants to support. However, there are many QuickBooks customers that ACT! also must work with. ACT! Link for Quickbooks is a $99, powerful option, for ACT! users and provides access to QuickBooks information from within ACT! via the QuickBooks View. ACT! provides ACT! Link for Peachtree free to enable integration between Sage’s Peachtree and ACT!
ACT! complete solutions include:
ACT! 2006 for individuals and small teams of up to ten networked users, available at popular software retailers, e-tailers and direct resellers or by contacting Sage Software at 888-ACT-2006 or ($229.99 MSRP, upgrade $149.95 MSRP)
ACT! Premium for Workgroups 2006 – for workgroups of up to 50 networked users is available by contacting ACT! Corporate Licensing at 888-855-5222 and from more than 600 ACT! Certified Consultants located at
($399.99 MSRP, upgrade $259.95 MSRP)
ACT! Handheld Links – ACT! 2006 and ACT! Premium for Workgroups 2006 each include ACT! Link for Palm OS and ACT! Link for Pocket PC to synchronize data with many popular handheld devices.
ACT! Add-on Solutions – ACT! Add-on solutions extend database functionality to help businesses run more cost efficiently. A complete list of ACT! Add-on solutions and pricing is available at Developers interested in the ACT! Add-on Partner Program are encouraged to visit
If you use ACT! now, ACT! 2006 is something you should consider upgrading too if you find that your high-impact relationship management is not working, then consider ACT! 2006 to help manage it.