Beyond Simple Surveys – Intelligence & Research

Creating and conducting an online survey is pretty easy thanks to survey tools like SurveyMonkey and others. If you have never surveyed your customers you are missing out on a way to get their input into your business. One-on-one talking is important and a must, but getting 300 comments about a new shoe design or accounting service can be equally important.
In fact I just used SurveyMonkey for a poll and it worked very well for basic polling needs.
However, when you want MORE information from your audience and come up with MORE questions based on your answers there’s not much you can do. Until now.
QuestionPro offers a more robust and feature rich solution to the basic survey solutions.
The addition of its “Market Research Toolset extends its existing data-collection and analytics services by introducing three new capabilities: Online Panel Management, Action Oriented Analytics and Decision Support Systems.
“All too often simple surveys leave you with more questions than answers,” said Vivek Bhaskaran, founder and CEO of QuestionPro. The features we’’ve added in this release help researchers get better insights from their surveys and polls. As former analysts, we know what tools and features are needed to turn data into decisions.
Here’s one of the very powerful features of QuestionPro.
QuestionPro’’s new toolset makes it easier than ever to create and manage panels. A panel is effectively a pool, or group, of a subset of customers/potential customers. Companies and researchers create this panel by asking panelists for demographic, geographic and other types of profile information once. Each subsequent time a panelist participates in a survey, the answers are stored as part of their profile.
This enables a number of benefits:
√?¬∑ Research Quality – By recruiting and managing an online panel, a user is in control of the sample size, composition and frequency. This control increases the overall quality of the results.
√?¬∑ Increased reliance on analytics rather than hypothesis – Having an easily accessible online panel encourages companies to conduct more research and make significant business decisions on research as opposed to “gut-feel.” Moreover, online panels contribute to analytical research that can be cross-linked with data from qualitative research like focus groups. This enables business decision makers to rely on data coming from both the qualitative as well as the quantitative segments.
√?¬∑ Lower Cost – Self-service software solutions to recruit, maintain and utilize panels are typically more cost effective than renting and outsourcing online panels.