Book Review: Controlling PC Pests

O’Rielly writes about their newest book: For everyone who is sick of feeling victimized by hackers, viruses, worms, spam, pop ups, spyware, and other pesky intruders, Gralla’s new “PC Pest Control” arms users with all the right tools
and knowledge to outwit PC pests and their creators.
In this book PC users will learn:
-Where their computer is most vulnerable
-How and why pests make their way onto a system
-Which are the most common kinds of PC pests
-How to detect, identify, and kill a wide variety of pests
-Ways to protect their identity online
-Ways to keep their kids safe online
-How to minimize wireless and home networking dangers
Not only will PC users learn about prevention, monitoring, and recovery–even more importantly, they will learn how to compute safely; they’ll learn the simple, everyday practices and precautions they can put into place immediately to protect their computers from malicious Internet invaders.