Buying or Selling BuyerZone Makes Cents, an online marketplace for business purchasing, announced this week that it has registered more than one million businesses that have used its Request for Quotes service for major company purchases. Congratulations!
BuyerZone helps a business owner find the services they need to grow their business.
If you need a copy machine, why scour the Yellow Pages and call 10 different vendors. Use BuyerZone, input your need and let vendors come to YOU. You’ll save time but also money.
The other thing I really liked about BuyerZone is the hundreds (thousands?) of helpful articles on how to shop for the many business products that BuyerZone sells.
“The BuyerZone service was fantastic,” stated David Kalat, founder of All Day Entertainment. “I thought finding the right credit card processing service was going to be a painful and tortuous process, but the whole thing ended up being much easier and faster than I expected. In the end I found a cheaper service that solved all of my problems within 24 hours.”
The flip side of BuyerZone is that if you are selling something to businesses you DEFINITELY want to be in BuyerZone to capture the next million businesses who want your service or product.