Cisco Re-Packages Offerings for Smaller Business

Networking solutions are relatively easy to get as so many vendors sell networking hardware solutions. The challenge is often putting various networking solutions together into one holistic solution. Of course any business with a good solution provider should have no trouble doing this.
Cisco is trying to make this process easier and better with the launch of its Cisco Business Communications Solution, a package of hardware, software, services and finances to help smaller business boost their networking potential.
“While the business objectives of SMB and mid-market customers may vary, they each require increased protection for their business assets, 24-hour uptime, reduced operating costs, higher productivity and better responsiveness to customers,” said Mika Krammer, SMB research vice president, Gartner, Inc.. “Savvy SMB and mid-market customers realize that products alone won’t address their needs. Rather, they need a holistic solution that will allow them to focus on running their business, instead of having to systems-integrate their own products, services and financing.
The Cisco press release reads in part “The Cisco Business Communications Solution is ideal for a company our size as we implement IP Communications. It’s been incredibly simple to get up and running and since the security is inherent in the design, we didn’t need to bolt on ad-hoc security features,” said Jeff Snider, vice president of IT and marketing, Peoples’ Federal Credit Union. “The Cisco Catalyst Express 500 Series switches have all the security and quality you expect from the Cisco Catalyst portfolio of switches, but now the easy-to-use interface lets small businesses take full advantage of these features. With the Cisco Network Assistant 3.0 offered at no additional cost, we maximize our network performance by automatically configuring the services, in addition to auto-detecting and immediately fixing network issues.”