ClearMyMail – Hosted Anti-Spam Solution

I’ve been using DigiPortals ChoiceMail for several months now and it’s “block every email unless accepted” process keeps my 100% protected from Spam. A new product, ClearMyMail uses a hosted solution which does not require you to install anything on your computer system.

Some anti-spam solutions try their best, using a series of rules to know what is spam and what is not and block email messages accordingly. However, these solutions will invariable let some (or a lot) email through.
Blocking all email, unless you let it through is 100% secure. Time consuming but secure.
This intelligent permission system is the final stage of ClearMyMail’s highly complex set of rules that every message must pass through – all of which simply work away in the background constantly clearing each customers mail for them 24 hours a day. The customer will only ever be asked about valid new senders — they won’t be constantly pestered by e-mail from defiant spammers as the system automatically clears these out without any action required from the user.