CompUSA Rewards Businesses

CompUSA is launching a program to reward points to businesses when they buy from CompUSA and allow them to redeem the points for future CompUSA purchases at a special reward redeem site. To join you must pay a $30 membership fee reports
SBC further reports When it comes time to redeem your points (CompUSA caps the number of points you can accrue in one year at 500,000), you go to the reward catalog at, choose your reward and follow the instructions.
That’s the only place you can claim your reward; you can’t redeem your points at CompUSA stores or online at and
According to the company, the frequently updated catalog includes leading-edge technology products. Examples of equipment you can trade for points include iPods, digital cameras, DVD players, printers, 19-inch LCD monitors, notebooks, home theater systems and 42-inch flat panel displays.
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