Doc Imaging: Ohio Company Saves $4K/month With Scanning Solution

Document imaging can be of great benefit for businesses that are document intensive and can be a critical component in managing workflow. Paper documents cause more manual labor and inefficiencies in a business. If Mary was faxed a contract the only way Joe can get it is if she copies it and walks, faxes or mails it to him. With document imaging solutions she can receive the document already imaged, or image the document once she receives the paper and immediately integrate the document into the company’s digital workflow via email or other means. At the basic level document imaging enables archiving of documents but it also entails workflow and information sharing – this is where more efficiencies can be found.
Elford, Inc., an Ohio-based general contractor serving Ohio and the surrounding states, has successfully deployed Cabinet’s CNG Document Management software throughout the firm, including accounting, production and service departments. Since Elford implemented Cabinet NG’s document management solution to improve business efficiencies and save time, the company has transformed 80% of its paper-based processes to automated digital filing, resulting in monthly savings of over $4000 to $5000 in paper, labor and associated overhead costs.
Cabinet NG is in use throughout the organization including five remote
office locations, with users in different departments reaping the
benefits of less paper and better business processes. Elford needed a
solution to handle the exponential growth in the volume of paper
documents it was forced to create and store. Accounting paper work,
invoices, vendor payments and the like were overtaking productive
According to Elford’s IT systems administrator, Brad Montgomery, “With
Cabinet NG in place, we can manage our growth with automated document
and workflow management capabilities, to the extent that auditors save
3-4 days of their time because they no longer have to sort through
mountains of documents in order to perform company auditing. As well,
Cabinet NG helps Elford easily handle a 30% increase in vendor payments.
Also important to Elford is the fact that CNG Document Management works
with the company’s systems infrastructure, such as IWP (Imaging Workflow
Program), a custom Windows-based program.”