Edit.com – Make Web Site Updates Easy

Adding simple content to a web site is not very hard to do thanks to blogging software which lets you write and publish. However for web site editing beyond blogging, whose owners want to edit the web sites themselves and are not tech savvy, editing can be difficult and/or cumbersome. Often times, web developers don’t make it easy to update web sites on your own but you must go through them incurring additional fees and hassle.
If you are able to edit your own web site you have to open your web page creation program (I use Microsoft Front Page) to edit the pages. What if you are away from the office or your computer – can you easily update the web page then? Probably not.
Edit.com has launched a simple and feature rich service to help you edit your web site. By logging into Edit.com you are able to edit each part of your web site with simplicity and ease.
Go to the page you want to edit, from within the Edit.com administrative interface, click on the edit menu and that page turns into an editable document. You can edit one page or many and have a full range of choices and options.
What’s nice about Edit.com’s service is that their consultants can setup your web site for you and then from then on you can make edits on your own.
Edit’s a service worth checking out. I also think that Register.com has an easy service as they let you call them and have a human consultant create your web site for you as well.