Email: Be Careful What You Send

It is VERY good to use email as a powerful marketing tool, for newsletters and other things. However, you MUST be careful when using this tool, to not send the wrong thing to the wrong person.
VOIP provider Packet8 accidently sent an email list of its email subscribers to its email subscribers! Why could this be a problem? Well the competition now has a hot sales list and spammers have more email addresses (that work) to spam to.
News Factor writes The data leak occurred when an employee accidentally attached a spreadsheet containing the e-mail addresses to its monthly e-mail newsletter that was sent out last Thursday, director of corporate communications Joan Citelli said. The file only contained the e-mail addresses of subscribers of the opt-in newsletter.
The leak was a result of a human error, said Citelli. Packet8 has instituted additional checks to prevent future security Latest News about Security lapses.

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