Gateway: Desktops and PCs for Business

Yesterday, Gateway announced a new line of PCs and notebooks optimized for small businesses. This follows Sony’s announcement of their new line of B-series notebooks for business as well.
It is getting hard to clearly distinguish one business notebook from another, besides price. All are more durable, offer more support/warranty options and try to ensure standard parts can be used across product lines.
I’m using a beautiful Gateway notebook and love it.
Gateway’s new S-series desktops feature durable cases and the company’s
BTX design that cool and reduces noise, while boosting the reliability of key
components. I’ve seen the difference a BTX and “traditional” case make and really you can’t tell that the BTX computer is on, it’s that quiet. Keeping things as cool as possible also extends the life of your PC.
Like the S-Series desktops, the new Gateway notebooks were designed to
stand up to the rigors of continual use. The new notebooks sport a highly
durable magnesium alloy casing that protects the systems from drops, falls and
spills. Also, an internal magnesium super-structure keeps the notebooks rigid
to protect internal components from external stress.
Gateway offers a pro-active service tool called BigFix(R) at no charge on all its S-Series PCs(4). With the customer’s permission, BigFix identifies and sends messages offering updates and general PC maintenance. For example, BigFix will alert customers to new software patches that will keep the PC updated with the latest security fixes.
Concerned also with physical protection, Gateway has outfitted the S-Series PCs with lock-down devices. The S-Series desktop PCs can be locked to prevent entry to the case, while the notebook PCs feature a Kensington lock so they can be physically anchored to a desk or other structure.