Give Each Client & Partner Their Own Portal

I’ve been going through the web site of ClientPortals and while the web site could do a lot better explaining what client portals is, I think it’s something you should check out if you have clients/partners and want to give them their own “portal” of content from you. Instead of making 100 different web sites you can update content in one place and have the content changed across all the portal web sites.
Email is nice, but people are overloaded and get spam so much. Web sites are nice but how can you push your clients to your web site.
With ClientPortals (reselling service from Icentera), when your client’s portal is changed, they receive an email notification of the change (yeah – I know, but I said people are overloaded with spam). If there’s a document that you want a client to have – push it to their client portal.
ClientPortals’ web site reads For clients, this means the ability to access content pertaining to their matters directly via without having to call someone at the firm for help. (essentially intranet, extranet and portal technology all rolled into one) can be used to differentiate a firm from competitors. From the client’s perspective, a secure extranet provides a means to easily ask and get info. When clients are comfortable with a firm’s online presentation, they are more likely to stay with the firm.