“Honey I Shrunk the PowerPoint”

Microsoft Power Point goes with business meetings like milk goes with cereal. However, unfortunately those PPT files you love to make can get mighty large if you have audio, graphics, documents and etc embedded in the file. How in the world can you easily share a PPT presentation with others if it’s 50MB in size?
The solution is with Power Shrink.
This tool takes your Power Point presentation and all the files that go with it and shrinks it way down.
Unlike WinZip or PKZip it does not take one file or groups of files and make it a Zip file. It compresses the entire presentation and associated documents but keeps the file a PPT file so that others can use it as is.
PowerShrink 2.0 runs without PowerPoint installed. The compression works by utilizing an automatically generated copy that does not place the original file at risk. The average rate of compression is 62 percent, peaking at 95 percent. Three compression levels “normal, extra and high quality” also meet the needs of the user to find an
optimal balance between quality and compression. The presentation still has the same quality as the original file.