Hosted Customer Support Solution

Small Business Computing writes You’d be hard pressed to find a more time-consuming, yet vital, business issue than customer support. Customer retention should be a concern of every small business owner since it costs a lot less to keep a customer than it does to create one ó or to get one back. Still, responding to support e-mails takes valuable time ó and lots of it ó that could be spent growing the business., a customer support automation firm with 16 employees located in Los Angeles, offers several products designed to help companies reduce customer support issues while maintaining customer satisfaction.
The customer support system consists of ezSupport and ezSupport Pro ó the two flagship products ó plus ezSupport for eBay, a product designed specifically for eBay sellers and a smaller, free, introductory version of the same program called ezSupport Lite for eBay.
Both ezSupport and ezSupport Pro are hosted, Internet-based products built around a central knowledge base and designed to answer your customer’s e-mail questions. All you need to access the Web-based applications is Internet access and a browser ó you don’t need to buy or install any additional software or hardware.
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