How Much Does A Web Site Cost?

I am often asked, “So Ramon, how much does a web site costs”. Of course there is NOT one set answer. For starters you could build your website yourself and pay $0 for hosting and software to create the web site. Or you could hire someone and pay $2,000 or $20,000.
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Eileen “Turtle” Parzek, my diva of web design writes So how much will a web site cost? Honestly, this is kind of like asking how much a car costs. The answer is, it depends on the car, its features, and who is selling it. Actually, in web site design, who is selling is is a bigger factor than with cars, because there are a great many people doing web design with varying years of experience and talents – just like customers have varying levels of expectation, budget and needs. Very often, the expectations, budget and needs are NOT in cahoots with each other at first – so it’s almost an impossible question to answer. So, first you would have to define what you consider a basic web site, and what your needs and expectations are. Then, getting those three things in alignment, you can start researching and asking designers for quotes! Read her full reply here.