Invoicing Pain Relief with 2ndSite for Business

Invoicing, or the lack thereof is one of the main reasons why smaller businesses don’t get paid or paid in a timely fashion. Invoicing a business for services rendered or products sold is the standard way of making sure you get paid. If you don’t invoice you don’t get paid. However keeping track of the who to invoice, who paid, when can be a royal headache.
Understanding this need, 2ndSite for Business has a solution that manages the invoice paper and payment trail by sending your invoices via email or letting you print them out and mail or fax them. When payment is received electronically 2ndSite keeps track of it automatically.
The beauty of 2ndSite for business is that 2ndSite’s payment statuses help save you time and hassle because they let you know which invoices you need to follow up on (i.e. invoices you have sent that have not been viewed or paid!). Your clients do not need a 2ndSite account. 2ndSite provides you with detailed reports and allows you to accept online payment in two clicks using PayPal, VeriSign or other 2ndSite payment service partners, but your clients do not have to pay you online.
Every time a client pays you online, your records are automatically updated. If some of your clients like to send you checks in the mail, updating your records takes two clicks. 2ndSite reduces your accounts receivable period (tell this to your accountant and she will be impressed!) and saves you time and money and helps you reduce your mailing and production costs.
If you have a small business and want to streamline your invoicing, seems to offer a pretty good solution.