Join Me: How to Turn a Social Occasion Into a Business Opportunity

Join me at at the next BDI Supernetworking Event in New York City, How to Turn a Social Occasion Into a Business Opportunity
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Do you ever wonder how some people are so comfortable and can make new acquaintances and business contacts so easily? Do you find yourself attending networking and social events and not knowing how to leverage that opportunity to meet more people, develop new relationships, and maximize your time?
Please join us for a networking event specifically designed to expand your network of contacts, extend your relationships and uncover new opportunities that can impact your business. With a unique format and a special presentation by Michael Salmon, one of the nation’s foremost networking trainers, we will help you learn the basic skills that will enable you to meet more people, make more contacts, and generate more
business than you ever thought was possible at a networking event, while at the same time having a little bit of fun.
The highlight of the event is its unique format. Every participant will be designated as one half of a powerful partnership. Throughout the evening, your challenge is to find your powerful counterpart – your other half. This format will ensure that you put your new networking skills to use, and enjoy yourself while doing it.