Katrina Business Victims: Back Up Data Saves Many

I’m sure there are many business’s in New Orleans (and all over the world) who have not back up their data. However, the first reports focused on the business devastation of Katrina are bringing hope that many businesses have wisely backed up their data.
The local New Orleans newspaper had been reporting for years that since New Orleans was under sea level, when (not if) a hurricane happened the paper predicted much of the destruction we see now. It appears that BUSINESSES took this seriously.
USA Today writes about the law firm of McGlinchey Stafford with 88 lawyers and 173 support staff in its New Orleans office that All data files at the main office in New Orleans are also backed up in Houston, so no electronic information has been lost. And as soon as the roads are passable, the firm plans to go in with U-Hauls to pick up paper files.
USA Today writes further that the Mutual Fund Store in Metairie, La., just west of New Orleans, and managing partner Scott Capace, his wife and his three children have become nomads, staying with family because their home is flooded. Despite the chaos, Capace is beginning the search for a new location to meet face-to-face with clients.
He’s been able to keep operations running by relying on his parent company in Overland Park, Kan. Electronic information has been backed up, and he’s logging on at hotels to check accounts.

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