Key Words That Lead People to

I am looking through my web logs and find it VERY interesting the keywords people type in search engines that lead and them to
Here’s the top 20 list, 80 more of the top past 33 days are here here
small software companies
firefox active directory policy GPO
godaddy verisign SSL certificates
var magazine
Fundamentals of Document Scanning and Imaging ECM
var magazine
“traffic analysis” “very important”
“Instant Messaging” products -Google ICQ Yahoo AIM Jabber
how to write an RFP
um virtual pbx
backup for small businesses
verizon wireless “joint marketing agreement” partner “small business”
saleslogix customizable dashboard with db stats, etc on a main view with tabs.
word perfect free
ip pbx reviews
recover deleted invoice in quickbooks
windows 2003 small business premium sequel install guide
information technology small business
“gartner group” “document management”