Laser and MFD: Dell Will Do More Printers

Reuters reports that Dell said it plans to shift its printer focus to laser and multifunction devices, and away from stand-alone inkjet models, in an effort to score more profits from its printer segment.
Printer vendors make their money not from printers but from selling expensive consumables like ink and fancy paper.
Dell has sold 10 million printers in 2 1/2 years and hopes to sell 7 million in the coming year.
As you consider your next printer you’ve got to really think about how you print.
Some of you can get buy with just ANY printer. However, others, need to print fast, efficient and manage your printing “life”. Those in this category need to not shop on price alone but on features and ease of use. This is not a slap at Dell, but in general whether Dell, Xerox, Lexmark, HP or anyone else carefully consider who your printing partner is.
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