Lenovo’s New Z Series ThinkPads

If I had to blindly recommend that someone buy a notebook computer, without hesitation it would be a Thinkpad from Lenovo.
In launching the new Z series lines of notebooks, Lenovo has put together a serious business notebook with a twist of entertainment power and features to use after 5, 6, 8pm….
The Z series integrates a high-speed, Evolution Data Optimized (EV-DO)wireless wide area network (WWAN) antenna for Verizon Wireless Broadband Access.
“One of the trends we’re seeing in small businesses is that the line between work and home is blurring,” said Chuck Sharp, vice president, Information Technology Solution Providers Alliance (ITSPA). “It’s not efficient to spend money on separate pieces of technology for all aspects of your life. Time is at such a premium, that small businesses are looking for technology that not only improves their productivity at work, but also allows them to maximize their personal time ¬? at home and when traveling.”
True to Lenovo’s Thinkpad group’s innovation, bought from IBM, the Z Series features a new inner armor chassis a ThinkPad “Roll Cage” that reduces the amount of stress on internal components when the notebook is dropped by up to 30 percent.
New ThinkVantage Technologies by Lenovo provide more powerful features in a centralized dashboard, making PC security quick and simple. The new ThinkVantage Productivity Center helps improve worker productivity by guiding them toward self-help and appropriate ThinkVantage Technologies. For example, one new feature is “Away Manager,” which helps people run system-maintenance tasks when they know they will be away from their computer. These could include pre-loaded and pre-tested tasks such as Symantec Client Security, Windows Defrag, Windows Disk Cleanup, and Lenovo’s own Rescue and Recovery backup utility. Productivity Center and Away Manager also help company IT departments customize the tools, enabling them to add their own regularly scheduled tasks, such as other anti-virus or anti-spyware utilities, as well as custom Web links, applications, and help files. In addition, Away Manager’s “whisper-mode” enables anti-virus and disk cleanup tools to run more easily in the background, occupying a smaller percentage of system resources, with less impact to the user’s valuable work time.
The NY Times writes The Z models are absolutely loaded with connectors and jacks: U.S.B. (three), an SD slot for your digital camera’s memory card, FireWire for camcorders and hard drives, and S-video for displaying your movies on a TV. They have jacks to connect a headphone, microphone, telephone, external monitor, gigabit Ethernet (for high-speed office networks) and so on.
You can read more about the Z series from Lenovo here or from the NY Times here