Leveraging Technology For Remote Workers

As you build your business, you’ll find that one of the most important things you need is great employees. Many times the “perfect” employee you are looking for is not going to be near your place of business.
Don’t let that stop you. Leverage technology to enable them to work for you and serve your customer remotely.
Inc Magazine writes about this.
Do you know the perfect person for your company’s key job opening but they live in another state and can’t pick up and move? In today’s “virtual” companies that doesn’t have to disqualify them. Technology is allowing the creation of a new breed of companies where talent and experience trump geography in hiring personnel. In this environment, it is critically important for IT to be on top of the various infrastructures that maximize the productivity of remote employees, while preserving the security of company data. In this month’s column I’ll discuss some of the key pieces of this puzzle.
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