Making Tech Easier With Centralized Management

Having one computer makes it easy to manage everything on the computer. However, when you have 10, 30 or 50 its gets harder and harder to manage the computing infrastructure. As a small business owner YOU are not going to manage your computers yourself, but your consultant and/or in-house IT person will.
In this regard, Lenovo recently announced a new centralized management hub for its PC productivity tools, creating a “mission control” to consolidate and simplify ThinkVantage Technologies under one view. The hub is entitled, LANDesk Management Suite for ThinkVantage Technologies.
An HP Senior Engineer, at today’s SMBNation told the gathered computer consultants that HP has a management console for its servers that enable them to act on problems BEFORE they occur.
New Boundary Technologies makes Prism Suite, software to help you centrally manage your technology. Prism Suite delivers business-critical asset management, software deployment, and patch management functionality.
Kaseya is a web based IT application that helps you manage patches, remote control, help desk and much more more.
Being able to centrally manage computers and servers makes monitoring computers and servers so much easier. You have two choices. 1) PC vendors often bundle management tools with their offerings 2) Management solutions from other vendors
LANDesk Management Suite focuses on software license monitoring, software distribution, image creation and deployment, inventory, and remote control. These standard offerings now work seamlessly with several key ThinkVantage Technologies to allow remote deployment and management of ThinkVantage Technology features throughout the network.
Lenovo’s notebook and desktop computers come bundled with a range of features, mentioned above. The LANDesk Management Suite for ThinkVantage Technology brings all the features together in one central, easy to use place.
More information on Lenovo’s think offerings is here.