Microsoft Launches Data Protection Software

This Microsoft introduced a disk-based backup solution in conjunction with hardware partners. The Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) costs about $1,000 and will includes a license for one management server and three file servers.
Instead of using tape backup systems which can take a lot of time to recover data from, disk based systems are faster and often easier to manage the backup process.
You can get more information from Microsoft here.
As you consider backup solutions, remember solutions from Veritas, Dantz and IBM.
In fact, in an email from IBM anticipating Microsoft’s launch IBM writes about their solution:
– The software protects information on laptops, desktop PCs, and corporate file servers.
– IBM’s data protection is truly continuous, unlike software that backs-up information in periodic snapshots. Scheduled backup doesn’t help when you’ve lost all your work since the last backup session, minutes or hours ago.
– IBM’s software captures and saves changes to documents with each keystroke, and also sends a copy of the information to a remote server for double protection– all within milliseconds. With just a few clicks of the mouse, workers can restore information that otherwise would be lost.