Microsoft Office Like You’ve Never Seen it Before

Not surprisingly 9 out of 10 people who use Microsoft Office have no clue that it can do more than they want it to do. They don’t realize that a) the way they are doing things could be done easier, if they knew how b) there are features in Office that they don’t know exist.
This is mainly because over the years Microsoft Office, like many programs has grown so big that many features are buried in a seemingly endless stream of menus.
To change this Microsoft is going to radically change the Office interface. ZD Net writes
Having sensed that the software has reached the limits of functionality, Microsoft has been preparing its most radical overhaul ever for Word, Excel and friends. With Office 12, due next year, the company plans to do away with a system that depends on people remembering which series of menus lead to a particular command. Instead, users will see a “ribbon” of different commands above their document, with the options changing depending on the task. Microsoft previewed the new look for Office at last week’s Professional Developer Conference in Los Angeles….
n addition to the ribbon, Microsoft is introducing a number of other design concepts to help people find more of the features buried inside the Office tools. One of the new ideas is the “galleries” concept, in which a range of more complex, frequently used editing choices are offered as clickable options. Those who don’t find a template they want can always create a custom alternative using a dialog box.