No Passwords: New Biometric Fingerprint Card from APC

Instead of typing passwords in to various applications a biometric solution can help reduce the need for remembering passwords but also provide a more secure environment.
American Power Conversion (APC) announced an extension to its Biometric Password Manager line with a new PCMCIA personal fingerprint scanner that manages laptop users’ login and password information.
Based on leading fingerprint sensor technology, APC’s PCMCIA Password Manager solution allows users to biometrically secure their laptop and eliminate the need to memorize logins and passwords. The product fits in the PCMCIA (PC Card) slot of a laptop computer, providing easy biometric authentication while traveling. With its ejector design, the sensor hides away inside the laptop until a user needs it to log onto applications or Web sites. The sensor ejects from the side of the laptop with a press of a finger.
Alternatively, I’m thinking of how my web browser memorizes passwords and other fields – I haven’t typed a password in a long time online. If you are required to enter a password into a computer program, which might not memorize your password for you, then a biometric solution could be needed.