Online Fraud – From NY City to Iowa. We’re all Affected

Online fraud is not something that only happens to nerds or the media elite of New York City. It’s a plague that can happen at any time to anyone.
To protect yourself from online fraud be VERY careful (almost never) click on a web link you get in an email, unless you’re 100% sure of the source. Tip, if you are not expecting something be VERY careful. Even if you get an email from “eBay” asking about your account be even more careful and instead go directly to and login from there.
Regularly check your online accounts for suspicious, unauthorized activity.
The Associated Press writes One industry organization, the Anti-Phishing Working Group, estimated that thieves collectively launch more than 14,000 such schemes monthly and that about 5 percent of computer users respond to the fraudulent messages.
“They make it look completely real,” said Jennifer Phillips, 25, of Martinsville, Ill. She was tricked into disclosing her card number, mother’s maiden name, bank routing number and more. “You wouldn’t think this could happen to anybody living in the middle of cornfields,” she said.
Internet sleuths from CardCops Inc. of Malibu, Calif., uncovered the latest plot.
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