Opera Web Browser is FREE. Check it out

I have been using Mozilla’s free FireFox web browser for many months now and only using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer when I have to because a web site only works with it or works best in it.
Another VERY good web browser, so I hear, is Opera. It had a free version but advertising would be displayed and a fee version for about $40. Today Opera is free and I suggest you try it out for a better web experience than Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Giving software away for free, in exchange for showing advertising is fine, that’s how popular email program Eudora built a sizable user base. However, with FireFox being free and MSFT IE on every PC sold with Windows, Opera had a tough time being heard by the “average” PC user.
If your web browsing experience is not good, you can’t work efficiently. More and more of our day is spent in a web browser based application.