Sharp’s New Notebook: Long Battery Life + Perfect Weight

Sharp Systems latest notebook computer, the M4000 weighs 3.7lbs and has a battery that lasts over 6 hours. Impressive and powerful.
Sharp writes in a press release The Sharp M4000 WideNoteô features IntelÆ Centrino Mobile Technology, and provides the perfect balance between size, weight, performance, and battery life. Designed for mobile professionals, the Sharp M4000 WideNote is a full-function wide-screen notebook that provides outstanding system performance, spacious keyboard comfort and true coast-to-coast battery life in an ultra-low weight package.
Weighing in at just 3.7 pounds, measuring just over an inch-thick at its thinnest point, and capable of over 6 hours(1) battery life, the Sharp M4000 WideNote boasts the peace-of-mind and outstanding mobile performance of the IntelÆ PentiumÆ M Processor 740 (1.73 GHz with 2MB of Level 2 cache). More than just a processor, the Centrino technology provides fully integrated wireless LAN and graphics capability to deliver faster instruction execution with lower power consumption, enabling great battery life. The Sharp M4000 WideNote is a highly mobile, ultraportable notebook solution, and includes both an 80(2) GB hard disk drive and an integrated optical disk drive. Functionally, it can be considered a true desktop replacement in an ultralight form factor.
Boosting Sharp’s claim to having the most innovative thin-and-light wide-screen notebook in the US, the Sharp M4000 WideNote features Sharp’s exclusive Advanced Power Management software providing this substantially powerful notebook with hassle free coast-to-coast computing. With this highly flexible power management software, the user has the ability to establish and use three (3) preset power usage settings including: “Max Power” for when the maximum system power is required, “Mobile” for when balanced levels of power management and system power are needed, and “Max Mobile” when maximum battery life is required. This exclusive software offers users the ability to control power levels of up to eleven subsystems including the LCD display (brightness, backlight & refresh rate), hard drive, optical disk drive, wireless LAN, System Standby, Suspend to Disk, System Wallpaper, Audio and CPU performance, ensuring maximum system battery life at the optimal user performance settings. In “Max Mobile” mode, the Sharp M4000 WideNote boasts battery life in excess of six hours.
The full-featured Sharp M4000 WideNote was designed for maximum usability with a ëno compromise’ approach to mobile computing. Eliminating the need for external optical devices, external keyboards and extended batteries, the M4000 WideNote provides extremely comfortable mobile computing in a sub-4 pound design. The wide format of the M4000 WideNote provides users with a 19mm pitch, 2.5mm stroke keyboard, providing a large and ultra-comfortable typing surface that accommodates users with large hands with a precise typing experience that won’t slow them down.