Should You Switch to VOIP: Here’s Some Help in Deciding

Using the Internet to receive and make telephone calls is gaining in popularity but for smaller businesses, as with many technologies, the EARLY adopters are moving towards VOIP but many of the slower (more cautious) businesses, if they are happy with what they have, are not jumping to move to VOIP – just yet.
New York based M5 Networks and VOIP provider has been reporting several major sales wins over the past few months.
Entrepreneur Magazine has a good article giving the pros and cons of VOIP and writes You’re at an internet cafe and get an important business call–on your laptop. You’re on the road and receive an urgent voice mail–in your e-mail inbox. Your business has a phone number with a Florida area code–even though your office is in California.
Welcome to the world of voice over internet protocol (VoIP). With VoIP service, your phone calls travel over the internet as data, just as e-mail does. This type of service can dramatically lower your telecommunications costs while increasing your productivity. It also provides useful features and capabilities that conventional phone technology can’t offer.

Though VoIP is quickly gaining popularity, some small businesses are still on the sidelines, concerned that VoIP audio quality is substandard, that the technology is difficult or costly to implement, or that their phone service will be interrupted if their electricity goes out.
The truth is, VoIP’s benefits far outweigh any potential drawbacks. Here’s what you need to know about VoIP to decide if it’s right for your business–plus tips for making the most out of VoIP service.
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