Special Web Sites for Handheld Screens

The average web site is perfect for a large computer screen but reeks havoc on the tiny screen of a mobile phone or PDA.
The solution? Many web sites offer text only and/or graphic-lite versions of their web sites to better fit the small screens of mobile users.
USA Today writes The sites make access to information easier for anyone tapping into the Internet with a cell phone or a smart phone, devices that lack the power of a personal computer. In tech-speak, the text-only sites are known as WAP sites for the programming standard they use Wireless Application Protocol.
If your business has a web site for mobile users, make sure your audience’s screens can comfortably fit your web site.

Travel companies such as Delta Air Lines, American Airlines and InterContinental Hotels have had text-only wireless Web sites for several years.
Others, such as Marriott Hotels, have recently joined the ranks.
With business travelers increasingly turning to smart phones personal digital assistants, or PDAs, with phone capabilities many travel companies are upgrading their sites to add limited graphics to what have been text-only sites.

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